Christopher Conte LSW – Intern

Chris’s Heart for Counseling

I want people to be able to live a meaningful and purposeful life. In counseling, I hope people can feel safety and acceptance that propels them towards healing and thriving.


Chris’s Style

My therapy sessions are relaxed and personable. While the sessions are clinically focused, I want my clients to feel comfortable and have a sense of who I am so that we can build a trusting therapeutic relationship. Through this relationship, I want to help my clients reach their goals, find healing, and realize their full potential.


• Anxiety/Depression

• Trauma in children

• Complex trauma in adults


• Use of EMDR

• Sexual Trauma


• Anxiety/Depression

• Bipolar

• Anxiety in Kids


Chris is an intern at LIVE Wellness Center who is currently in his Master’s of Social Work degree at Ohio State University. He earned his Bachelor’s of Social Work degree at Ohio State University, during which Chris gained experience in basic case management relating to immigration and homelessness, as well as experience in a food pantry setting. Chris loves connecting with people of a wide variety of ages, cultures, and walks of life, and looks forward to learning various mental health treatment modalities to help people live a life of joy, meaning, purpose, and hope.

In his free time, Chris enjoys spending time and having meaningful conversations with friends/family, doing anything outside in nature, playing and listening to music, and traveling.