Danielle Simpson NCSP

Licensed Independent School Psychologist

Danielle Simpson

Danielle’s Experience


Danielle is a licensed independent school psychologist who received her bachelors of science in psychology from Cleveland State University in 2012. She attended John Carroll University for graduate school and reviewed her master in education and education specialist degree in school psychology. Danielle has worked in the public school setting for 9 years. Her experience includes preschool to high school evaluation, intervention and supports, building trauma informed consultation and practices within her district, small group counseling, threat assessments, and was the lead coordinator of the mental health initiatives for the high school she works in, beginning the suicide prevention and evaluation program in 2015. She also has experience with working with juveniles in the court system, collaborating with the juvenile justice personnel and care teams in the county to support families in helping their child become a productive member of society. 

Danielle’s Style

Danielle’s passion is to help children, youth and adults remove barriers that interfere with their ability to learn, grow and develop into their God given design and equip them with the tools and resources to find their true purpose and passion. She believes that we were created for relationship and given gifts and talents to love life and others. She believes that true worship is being who God created us to be with Him and those we love. It is her life’s mission to help others experience the joy and peace and  pursue the goals and purpose put into our hearts. 

She provides psychological evaluations for ADHD, Autism, Learning disabilities, and emotional and social aspects that impede one’s abilities to learn and access their full potential. She also offers counseling services and interventions to help equip those who find it difficult to achieve their goals in learning and future planning.