Max Baker CT – Intern

Supervised by Rusty Simon LPCC-S

Max’s Heart for Counseling

I believe that everyone needs a safe place to express what they are experiencing. I believe to have healthy relationships with others, ourselves, and the world around us we need to have ways to identify what we are feeling and thinking and positive methods to express that. I think a vital piece in one’s healing journey is to have someone or multiple people to dwell in the pain or difficult moments with us because, often, one must first be willing to go through the pain before seeing the light and having supportive community helps. That’s what I want to offer my clients – a presence that lets them know they’re not alone and offers clinical support.

Max’s Style

In sessions, I strive to journey with the client at their desired pace and will work with the client to help identify how their strengths can assist them in achieving their goals. I utilize Dialectical Behavior Therapy due to its elements of acceptance of one’s experience and the ability to change negative behaviors if desired. I also utilize aspects of Narrative Therapy, allowing clients to externalize their problems and engage with unwanted emotions. If a client is interested, I will gladly discuss and process topics or concerns about faith and spirituality. I am interested in working with children, adolescents, and young adults; but I am willing to work with all ages.



Education and Background

Max is an intern therapist at Live Wellness Center. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Youth and Family Ministries from Mount Vernon Nazarene University and is currently in his master’s program for Clinical Mental Health Counseling through the University of the Cumberlands. He also has chaplaincy experience by completion of a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) unit through OhioHealth. In Max’s personal time, he enjoys spending time with his family and pets, going hammocking, and engaging with his small group from church.