Rania Haynes LPCC 



Rania received both her bachelor’s degree in Art Therapy and her master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio.


Rania is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) through the Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage & Family Therapist Board of Ohio, with an additional specialized credential as a Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS).

She has over 12 years of experience working in a children’s hospital specializing in acute and chronic illnesses targeting fears associated with treatment. Rania has also provided support to residential and day services for children and adults with developmental disabilities. She completed her internship in a Christian private practice in the treatment of opioid addiction providing IOP and After Care groups as well as individual therapy. For nearly the last four years, Rania has served as a mental health counselor in a community mental health setting diagnosing and treating a wide range of mental health issues in traditional, school and community-based settings with children, families and groups.


Rania views every person as having specialized needs, working carefully to assess each person’s specific needs to determine the strategy that will assist a person to work to their full potential and maximize their therapy experience. Of vital importance is assisting clients to experience improvement for the issue they seek counseling for, specifically by using evidence-based tools to measure progress. For some, traditional “talk” therapy using cognitive behavioral approaches can be highly effective.

For others, the use of creative approaches in counseling is imperative to achieve progress, and she has advanced training in the use of Expressive Therapies, such as art and play. This type of therapy allows expression in a way that is familiar, safer and more comfortable for those whom verbal language is a barrier. You do not have to be an artist to use this kind of therapy, and is simply a tool to develop the language to express thoughts and feelings in a new way. Expressive therapies can be helpful in reaching people who may not have had success in other traditional settings, such as those who may have limited or non-verbal abilities, including individuals with physical, mental or developmental disabilities, autism, young children, limited English or who may be introverted, however this approach can be used for nearly any population or mental health issue, if desired.

Rania specializes in the following areas:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • Severe Behavioral Interferences (ODD, Conduct Disorder, Other Disruptive Behaviors)
  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Loss/Trauma
  • Coping with Illness
  • Major Life Adjustments

Professional Disclosure Statement

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