Live Wellness Center’s team of licensed professional therapists in Columbus, Ohio, has experience counseling a wide variety of clients. Our professionals are highly trained specialists that have a passion for providing care and support for people in different seasons of life. Our goal is to come alongside each client with a personalized approach to promote lasting wellness.

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A well-rounded approach to therapy

Most of our therapists prefer an integrated approach to therapy because they see value in applying different principles from different approaches, depending on your needs during a particular session. Typically, Live Wellness Center’s integrative approach is a strength-based, solution-focused approach. This means that the therapist uses your strengths to help you find solutions to the reason you are seeking therapy.

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Answer: Yes.

We work with your insurance using either your in-network or out-of-network benefits. Our staff will send in everything needed for claims to be reimbursed, taking the hassle off of you.


Typically used to treat children who struggle with verbalizing their thoughts and feelings, play therapy can also be used with adults who prefer more abstract ways of addressing their feelings. Therapists using play therapy techniques have received special training in the use of “play” in a strategic, purposeful and therapeutic way.

Play therapy can help clients to relax and open up with the therapist more than the use of talk therapy alone. This therapy can be used to reduce negative expressions of anger, depression, anxiety, etc. Please note: Live Wellness Center does not currently have a registered play therapist on staff but we do have skilled therapists who are trained in the use of play therapy techniques.

We utilize an ADHD therapy approach that uses biological signals from your own body to improve your health. For many years, psychologists have used biofeedback to treat clients with anxiety by using the biological signals of the client as a cue in training their bodies to relax when feelings of anxiety are present. Currently, biofeedback/neurofeedback is being used to treat other mental health disorders such as ADHD.

Live Wellness Center offers a video gaming, biofeedback alternative to medication to address ADHD symptoms. Clients learn to have more control over their attention as they can see their focus level on the video screen in real time as monitored by the biofeedback monitor.

Children and Adults with ADHD struggle to maintain sustained attention, remain on task for longer periods of time, and tend to be impulsive. The severity of the symptoms and how it impacts other areas of functioning are determinants in medication usage. Our biofeedback treatment program is designed to assist children and adults struggling with attention problems via video gaming. Clients play various games (sustained attention, on task, short term, spatial memory, auditory and discriminatory processing) to address ADHD symptoms and enhance their educational performance. This system helps to train the brain, and teaches students to focus in “boring” or low stimulating situations.

TF-CBT uses talk, art, relaxation techniques and narrative techniques to treat children, teens and young adults who have experienced any type of trauma. The therapy includes psycho-education about the body’s response to trauma and teaching relaxation techniques and ways to cope with anxious feelings and symptoms due to the trauma. Once the individual can successfully cope with these negative feelings, the therapist will begin using drawing and narratives to allow the client to tell their story.

While telling their story, the client will be supported unconditionally, challenged on unhelpful beliefs and will be assisted in processing their feelings. Through this process the client will learn how thoughts, feelings and behaviors are connected and will be taught strategies to improve their health on all levels. This approach to treatment also has an emphasis on supporting the parent through this process and teaching the parent how to support their child.

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At Live Wellness Center our team of professional counselors and therapists in Columbus Ohio work to provide each client with a tailored approach to their situation. We have a variety of specialists on our team that are capable of addressing a wide range of concerns, while providing focused, professional care.

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