Art Therapy

Live Wellness Center’s Art Therapy program in Columbus, Ohio, is a desirable form of therapy for many different situations. An Art Therapist uses art and artistic expression to guide children and adults alike through feelings that may be too difficult to express verbally.

Introduction to Art Therapy

This form of Counseling is highly creative and can be expressed through such things as painting, sculpting, and drawing. An Art Therapist is trained to use special techniques to help the client express feelings and communicate through the use of art.

Although the therapy session will look somewhat different from a traditional counseling session, many common goals remain. People respond differently to different forms of communication. Art Therapy is a desirable and often very helpful alternative to the traditional setting. This may be especially true for someone who has been through counseling in the past and would like to try a new approach.

Art Therapy

Benefits of Art Therapy:

  • Helpful for quiet/apprehensive clients
  • Alternative to traditional talk therapy
  • Highly expressive format to communicate feelings
  • Helpful option for children
  • Fun and creative therapy environment


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