TBRI® – Trust Based Relational Intervention®


Trust Based Relational Intervention® was founded by Dr. Karyn Purvis to support children from hard places using intervention based on the research of attachment, sensory processing, and neuroscience. This trauma-informed intervention utilizes key areas to address the needs of vulnerable children who have experienced abuse, neglect, foster care, adoption, and special needs. It is also considered optimal parenting to develop healthy and secure attachments for children to thrive through connection.

TBRI® focuses on three key areas of Empowerment (meeting internal and external physical needs), Connection (meeting relational and attachment needs) and Correction (meeting needs for self-regulation, boundaries, and healthy behavior for caregiver and child).

TBRI® is designed to meet the relational and developmental needs of children and youth, and support the adults who want to help them heal in profound ways. Through focused attention on felt safety, individuals with complex developmental trauma can find trust and security to address their needs and restore human flourishing.


TBRI® in Columbus Ohio

At Live Wellness Center in Columbus Ohio, we offer TBRI® to clients who can benefit from this approach. Our office is conveniently located just outside of downtown Columbus, off of 670 in the Grandview area.


Insurance Accepted

Live Wellness Center’s team of counselors and therapists work with a variety of insurances either as in-network, or out-of-network. We have counselors and therapists who work with the following insurances:


  • Caresource
  • Medical Mutual
  • Tricare
  • Lifesync
  • And more…(call)