It’s that time of year again, when we make all these resolutions to improve ourselves, only to forget about them by February. Whether it’s getting healthier, promising to try something new, or leaving a negative habit in the past, we all want to better ourselves as the sun rises on a new year. But, it can be challenging to follow through on even the most manageable goals, and many are completely abandoned by March. Though it’s often overlooked, mental health plays a critical role in your resolution’s success, and at Live Wellness Center, we can help. Learn some tips about how to mentally prepare to tackle the new year below!

Set Realistic Goals

While the new year is a great time to have high expectations and shoot for the stars, you may be setting yourself up to fail with irrational goals. Growth, development, and improvement take time, and setbacks can often be disheartening. Instead of setting ambitious goals like ‘going to the gym every day,’ try setting more attainable goals that are doable, such as ‘going to the gym once a week.’ This helps establish healthy patterns that can be built on.

Prepare and Follow a Routine

Routines can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, but they’re particularly helpful when you’re trying to establish a new habit. Whether that’s waking up an hour early to go for a jog, or cooking a healthy meal once a week, it’s crucial to establish a routine that you can follow. Routines are an anchor to guard against feelings of uncertainty and lack of control, and can instill a sense of calm in a somewhat chaotic mind. Consistency is key, and you’ll likely notice a change once these healthy routines are established 

Consider Your Own Resources

As a new year arrives, we often try and push ourselves out of our comfort zones. While not necessarily a bad thing, it’s important to be aware of your own resources and to respect them. Being tired is not a weakness, being uncomfortable is not frailty. Understand and honor your own limitations, and don’t push yourself to a breaking point. 

Don’t Forget The Positives

We so often focus on the negatives, it can be impossible to see anything else. This year, take time to appreciate the positives. What are you good at? Enjoy and celebrate it. What do you like to do? Revel in it. You’d be surprised at how much your mindset can change when you look to the positives.

At Live Wellness Center, we know how difficult last year was, and how uncertain this year seems. We want to help. Our Columbus office provides counseling for children and adults, including telehealth sessions. Contact us today to learn more.