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Therapy and Counseling in Columbus & Westerville

Live Wellness Center is now seeing clients in our Columbus/Grandview Area and Westerville locations

counseling and coaching

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traditional clinical counseling

Our clinical counselors and therapists in Columbus Ohio are experienced in helping a wide range of clients. (For Adults and Children)

christian clinical counseling

Christian perspectives can be discussed in clinical sessions upon request of the client. (For Adults and Children)

Central Ohio Counseling and Coaching

Our convenient location is easily accessible from almost anywhere in and around Columbus Ohio, and Westerville Ohio. Our professionally licensed counselors and therapists have a variety of skills and specialties in the mental health field for those seeking counseling. If you need someone to talk to, don’t wait. Give us a call or fill out a contact form. We also have a Life Coaching option for non-clinical coaching,


Relaxing Spaces

Enjoy a relaxing environment when you come to our offices.

Professional Care

We have many Masters-level therapists at-hand to provide you with professional, compassionate services.

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Customer Service

Our friendly team will be helpful in assisting you with things such as payment and insurance, as well as getting you linked with one of the many professionals on our team

Main Office Building Walkthrough

Watch the video to see how to navigate our Main Office building.

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Our phones are on from 10am – 8pm, Mon.-Thu. and 9am – 5pm, Fri.

Voicemail will be checked during these times and every few hours into the evening.

A notice of 48 hours is required for all cancellations.





Main Office

1335 Dublin Rd. Suite 212C
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