Live Wellness Center offers individualized traditional, and Christian counseling in Columbus, OH

For individualized counseling needs for adults, children, and families. We provide Traditional, and Christian, Clinical Counseling. Please call us at 614-437-9910 to schedule an appointment.

Call 614-437-9910 to schedule an appointment
Call 614-437-9910 to schedule an appointment

Professional Clinical Counseling


Traditional Clinical

Our clinical counselors and therapists in Columbus Ohio are experienced in helping a wide range of clients. (For Adults and Children)

Christian Counseling

Christian Clinical

Christian perspectives can be discussed in clinical sessions upon request of the client. (For Adults and Children)

CEU - Continuing Education Units

Continuing Education

Continuing Education training for Mental Health Professionals

Why Live Wellness Center

  • Professional Placement

    We know our team well, and make the effort to place you with a professional who is a therapeutic fit. No more guessing who to see. We’ll get to know you and then take care of the rest. 
  • Full Support Facility

    No more discussing payment for sessions with your therapist. Our administrative and billing staff help keep your therapeutic relationship strong, and keep you well informed.
  • Trusted Service

    We’ve conducted many thousands of therapy sessions within the last year. We continue to be a trusted resource for individuals and families in and around Central Ohio.
  • Convenient Options

    Sometimes we need change. If you need to switch therapists for any reason, we can usually transfer you easily to another professional at our center.

Client Reviews

“My experience with Live Wellness has been outstanding. I have been treated with kindness and compassion”

“…everyone is really caring, nurturing, and really understands what you are going through as a person”

“I have had a wonderful experience with counseling…it helped a lot”


Art Therapy

Art Therapy (clinical)

Art Therapy offers a unique approach when traditional talk-therapy may not be the only or best approach.

Therapy Act

Therapy Act

Watch some of our real team members in fictional skits for some comic relief.


Join a specialized Group at Live Wellness Center for learning and building relationships.


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Reach us at: 614-437-9910

We are a group of licensed counselors and therapists who specialize in a variety of therapies including:

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