Frequently Asked Questions

At Live Wellness Center, we realize that many questions may arise when seeking such services as counseling or massage therapy. We have compiled this FAQ, which seeks to answer several such questions that may be on your mind, and perhaps some that you may not have anticipated.

Answer: We work with most insurances in one form or another. We are In-Network with many plans, and will even bill your insurance as Out-of-Network for most other plans. Another option is to receive a Superbill, which gives you control over requesting reimbursement from your insurance company. We also have a self-pay option which may be more desirable depending on your needs. Our intake staff will be happy to guide you through the details over the phone.

Answer: Two concerns exist. First, some are concerned that if you need to sign up with a new insurance company in the future you may be disqualified with the new insurer for life, health and other types of insurance because you at one time had a diagnosis. While others argue that with health care reform this is a likely to be a big concern.

Second, some insurance companies limit counseling services in order to prevent over use of benefits and keep their costs as low as possible. This means an insurance company may deny you the type or amount of counseling you can receive under their coverage. At Live Wellness Center we do not exclusively take insurance, so if this is a problem you run in to we can work out an out of pocket fee if your insurance will no longer pay for services. We work to ensure that the quality of your care is not compromised in any way by insurance’s possible limitations.

Answer: That is no problem. We can assign you to a counselor who does not have to bill your insurance.

Answer: In many cases, we will work directly with your insurance company to determine what your fee will be based on your specific plan.

*Although Live Wellness Center will contact your insurance company regarding your mental health/behavioral benefits (co-pay, deductible, etc.) for both in and out-of-network providers, any information collected is subject to change at any time as insurance companies change coverage frequently. It is the client’s responsibility to pay any fees uncovered by insurance such as deductibles, co-pays, uncovered services, no show charges, etc.

Counseling fees are billed at:

Initial diagnostic interview, 60 minutes: $160
Individual session, 60 minutes: $130
Individual session, 45 minutes: $110

Answer: We feel that setting you up for success begins at, well, the beginning! Your initial appointment will be with a professional therapist who will do an in-depth assessment with you. After this, one or more recommendations will be made on who to set you up with for ongoing sessions. We know our people well and take the initiative to match you, as this decision should not be arbitrary. Of course, we will weigh any concerns or requests you have at any time concerning what therapist to see.

Answer: Your first session can range from 55 minutes to 90 minutes. Sessions thereafter are generally about 55 minutes in length. For some clients, a sessions can also be about 45 minutes in length.

Answer: We accept cash, check, Visa, Master Card, and Discover cards for payment. Fees and/or co-pays are due at the time of service and will be collected before your session, when you check in for your appointment. As a new client, fees covering the service may be required upon each visit until your insurance company provides us with an explanation of your benefits. If there are any credits due, they can then be applied to your account.

Answer: We provide mental health counseling services, and do not prescribe medication. If medication management is needed, you would need to consult with your doctor, or a psychiatrist.

Answer: Live Wellness Center was started by two Christian Social Workers, with a passion to provide quality counseling services to the community. We run our business on Christian values. Our counselors are trained and experienced in providing traditional Counseling services. Christian principles may be directly discussed in Counseling sessions when requested by the client.

Answer: Through their therapeutic work, the therapists at Live Wellness Center have seen their clients improve coping skills, decrease ADHD symptoms, work through traumas, eliminate anxiety and depressive symptoms, improve their behaviors, increase academic performance, increase self-esteem, develop positive communication skills, improve family relationships, and find freedom from mental health symptoms. Each client is different and works at a different pace. Many times progress depends on the level of participation by the client.

Answer: An intern is a Master’s level student counselor that has gone through a thorough screening process, is closely supervised by licensed therapists, and participates in ongoing in-service training in addition to their Master course of study.


LSW — Licensed Social Worker trained to provide therapy services under supervision.

LISW — Licensed Independent Social Worker trained to provide therapy services and, based on experience, no longer needs supervision.

LISW-S — Licensed Independent Social Worker Supervisor trained to provide therapy services who is trained to provide supervision to others.

LPC — Licensed Professional Counselor trained to provide therapy services under supervision.

LPCC — Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor trained to provide therapy services and, based on experience, no longer needs supervision.

PCC-S — Professional Clinical Counselor Supervisor trained to provide therapy services who is trained to provide supervision to others.

MFT — Marriage and Family Therapist trained to provide therapy services under supervision.

IMFT — Independent Marriage and Family Therapist trained to provide therapy services and, based on experience, no longer needs supervision.

 Answer: Live Wellness Center accepts Caresource, which is a branch of Medicaid, but we do not accept straight Medicaid.

Answer: In the event of a life threatening emergency, please call 9-1-1, or go to the nearest hospital emergency room. If it is non-life threatening, please call Crisis Intervention at NetCare at (614) 276-2273.

It is suggested that you speak with your therapist regarding how they would want you to contact them in an emergency situation. LIVE WELLNESS CENTER DOES NOT PROVIDE CRISIS SERVICES.